Model: 406DB-GRL30C

Weight: 1475 ( ±5% )g

Holes: 24H-F / 24H-R

Size: 700C

Model: 406DB-GRL40C

Weight: 1555 ( ±5% )g

Holes: 24H-F / 24H-R

Size: 700C

Model: 406DB-RSD38C

Weight: 1565 ( ±5% )g

Holes: 24H-F / 24H-R

Size: 700C

Model: 406DB-RSD50C

Weight: 1625 ( ±5% )g

Holes: 24H-F / 24H-R

Size: 700C

What's YISHUNBIKE 406JB Disc Brake Wheels?


The wheels are built with 406 J-bend disc brake hubs with stable enduro bearings, RSD 38mm/50mm profile disc brake carbon clincher tubeless rims and GRL 30mm/40mm profile gravel carbon clincher tubeless rims and Pillar 1423 spokes. This is a classic wheelset series to make sure they are affordable for most of riders.

We recommend this series to bike assemblers, wheel brands and bike brands who look for basic wheels with high sales value.

Customized logos are acceptable.


What are the differences between road bikes and gravel bikes?


1. Road vs. gravel tires

Road bike tires: Slick, 700c, 23-32mm wide

Gravel bike tires: Slick-to-knobby, 700c or 650b, 38-50mm wide


2. Road vs. gravel gearing

Road bike gearing: 2x chainrings, narrower range cassette, higher top speeds

Gravel bike gearing: 1x or 2x chainrings, wider range cassette, easier low gears


3. Road vs. gravel geometry

Road bike geometry: Lower, more aerodynamic position, more agile handling

Gravel bike geometry: Upright, more comfortable position, more stable handling


4. Road vs. gravel comfort

Road bikes: Greater focus on stiffness and efficiency

Gravel bikes: Greater focus on compliance and comfort


5. Road vs. gravel bike weight

Road bike weight: Slightly less

Gravel bike weight: Slightly more


6. Road vs. gravel components and accessories

Road bikes: drop handlebar, road bike components

Gravel bikes: flared handlebars, some are use mountain bike components (like gravel suspension fork, dropper posts, etc.), extra mounts on the frame to attach bags, racks and fenders, bottle cages, etc.




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