Weight: 1150g

Size: M


Weight: 1150g

Size: 17"


Weight: 1100g

Size: 17"


Weight: 1200g

Size: 17"

What's the difference between hardtail frames and full suspension frames ?


The MTB hardtail frame is lighter and more suitable for cross country and trail riding. Compared with full suspension frame, it can get faster acceleration and lighter weight. Besides, it is much more affordable.

The geometry of hardtail frame is slacker for more stability and control on the descents. The hardtail bikes will also feature forks with more travel, beefier tires, and dropper seat posts.


The full suspension carbon frame is full of technics in order to achieve the suspension on the front and rear. The fully bikes are grouped into categories like cross-country, trail riding, enduro, and downhill. These four terrains require four different geometries on the frame designs.


Hardtail M596 Frame

Suspension FS836 frame

What are the features of our MTB hardtail carbon frames?


YISHUNBIKE currently only provides 4 open models of hardtail frames: M909, M516, M536, and M596.

Each model has salient features. M909 and M516 are designed with a 1 1/8" - 1 1/2" headtube, while M536 and M596

are designed with a new trend headtube 1 1/2" - 1 1/2" which uses all internal routings to improve the beauty. M909 is

an entry frame for saving costs. M536 is lightweight for the climbing challenge.

M909 (T700)


M516 (T700)

M536 (T700+T1000)

M596 (T700+T800)

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