Model: E049-POLINI-EP3

Weight: 2000g

Size: 540mm

700C Full Carbon Road Gravel Ebike Frames

– POLINI EP3 Drive System

– Max tire 700* 50C

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Model: E051 FAZUA

Weight: 1750g

Size: 53cm

Full Carbon Road Ebike Frameset

– Mid drive Fazua motor system

– Battery capacity 250wh

– Speed 25km/h

– Max tire 700*32C

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Model: E021 BAFANG M800

Weight: 1750g

Size: 530mm

700C Full Carbon Road Racing Ebike Frames

– Bafang M800 Mid Drive System

– Max tire 700* 32C

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E-road bikes have an e-drive system that boosts riding power, so riders can ride faster, climb with ease, and cover more distance. Everyone can use an e-road bike for in-town commutes, but they really shine on fast-paced group rides, tough training sessions, and epic weekend rides. For now, we have two nice and quality E-road frames E021 Bafang M800 200wh and E051 Fazua 250wh drive systems, batteries integrated inside the downtube.

What's feature of road EBIKES?


Electric road and commuter bikes is a very broad category and includes a number of different types, ranging from hybrids to racing to leisure and even gravel bikes. Most share a number of characteristics, including narrower tires, a more forward leaning geometry, narrower saddles, lack of suspension and emphasis on lightweight design.

What do you need to know about electric bikes and the law?


Under European and United Kingdom law, many electric bikes can be treated as bicycles rather than as Mopeds or as motor vehicles. In general, this means you won’t have to register your eBike or pay road tax, but you are required to wear a helmet and observe other cycling regulations. eBikes are allowed on bike paths except where local rules prohibit them.

EU and UK law defines an eBike as an electric pedal-assist bike with less than 250 watts of power eBikes must only provide electric assist up to 15.5 mph and regulations state that you do need to be at least 14 years old to ride an ebike on the road.



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