“It’s known that the circumference of a 700c or 29″” rim is around 2 meters long.”
Many manufacturers are dividing it into two pieces, that is, one piece around 1 meters long.
Then connect the two pieces together to become a rim circle.
Many factories do this for many years already.
Indeed, there are some very unperceptible problems.
For example, maybe, you have the experience that during wheel building,
There are always some spots not flat, especially, the edge along the bead.
Or during riding, riders always feel a remarkable rolling-weight-unbalance, especially, at higher speed.
The reason actually is because the manufacturers are preparing the fabric at least two pieces, some even more.
“So there are too many “”knots”” .”
Where the knots accumulate together, making some position over-weight, and over-thick.

After founding out this secrets, now we only prepare the fabrics in complete piece only.
So there would be only one knot one layer.
And our engineer could do just the knot position to control the weight balance and flatness.


There are still many open risks during lamination, where takes a lot hand-work.
So we developed equipement to help wokers operate easily and accurately.
This equipment would show clearly how our experienced workers to put the fabrics at the correct position and make sure them are tighly laminated together easily.