Model: ASD733TR-GP

Weight: 365±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 27.5er

Model: ASD930XC-GP

Weight: 325±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 29er

Model: ASD933TR-GP

Weight: 380±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 29er

Model: ASD933XC-GP

Weight: 335±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 29er

Model: ASD937AM

Weight: 480±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 29er

Model: ASD937TR-GP

Weight: 420±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 29er

Model: ASD942TR-GP

Weight: 460±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 29er


The mtb ASD series brings the very popular mtb carbon rims to several brands. they are made of Nano Graphene resin, 40% T800 and 60% T700 Toray carbon fibers. The rim's weight is reduced and the strength is well enhanced. The bicycle rim offset structure distributes the spoke tension evenly on drive side and non drive side of the wheel. Riders can feel stronger and stiffer carbon wheels with asymmetric rims.



1. Offset Nipple Bed

Asymmetric design for a better wheel stiffness


2. T800 Impact Resistant Constructure

Incrsases the impact strength

Distribute energy and shock evenly to the whole rim


Why do we design asymmetric mtb bike carbon rims ?

Mountain biking is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, now there are many brands supplying Mtb bikes and wheels with asymmetric carbon rims, which allows for better triangulation of spoke angles and balance of tensions in a built wheel, resulting in a stronger, stiffer (laterally due to proportionately more lateral tension), more compliant (radially due to proportionately less radial tension), and more reliable wheel. The asymmetric Mtb carbon rims definitely make the bike stronger.



What are the advantages of our ASD series mtb bicycle carbon rims ?

Our ASD series MTB bicycle carbon rims are made of 40% T800 & 60% T700 carbon fibers, all rims are reinforced by Nano Graphene together, the mtb rims are more lighter and stronger than T700 full carbon rims. We have set company in Willich Germany, which allows us to deliver these mtb rims to customers within 48 hours, welcome to visit and order.





We successfully apply nanographene into our epoxy resin system to increase the strength and stability of the rim structure.


In this system, the nanographene works like numerous reinforcement among fabrics. With the help of nanographene, our rims achieve 20% more strength at the same weight.









Max elasticity


Elasticity modulus


Normalresin 375.987 14.900 5.700 93.201 1760.127
Grapheneresin 451.695 14.900 5.700 111.967 2005.223




For carbon composite products, the normal epoxy resin system only supplies 5% strength contribution. The main function of resin is for molding and curing. With Graphene nanomesh filling technology, the resin system's strength could be raised by about 20%. It means to a carbon part with a certain weight, we can make it the same strength&less weight or same weight&more strength.





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