Model: E1029-BAFANG-M820

Weight: 1450g ( 53cm)g

Size: 500/530/560/600mm

700C Carbon E-Gravel Bike Frame w/t Mid Drive Bafang M820

– Carbon E-gravel Bike Frame

– Full Internal Cable Routing

– Bafang M820 Mid Drive System

– Integrated Battery 360wh

– Extender Battery 360wh

– Dropout 12*100mm & 12* 148mm

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Model: E1099 X20

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Model: E1091 X20

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Gravel bikes are constantly being touted as the best 'do-it-all' bikes, so it's no surprise that electric versions are beginning to take off. The mix of all-terrain capability, confidence-inspiring stability, and additional assistance make electric gravel bikes an interesting proposition, not only for off-road riding but also as urban commuter bikes. YISHUNBIKE will launch 2 light-weight E-gravel frames which are designed with rear-drive Ebikemotion X20 and Mid-drive Bafang in the coming soon. Let's look forward to them.

What to expect from a good quality e-gravel frame?


The best gravel e-bike frames typically have a mid-drive motor and a lightweight carbon fork and frame.
They allow you to reach higher speeds.The frame geometry and drop bars up front give you an aerodynamic position while maintaining a comfortable posture so you can tackle any terrain. A good gravel e-bike frame should have a larger tire clearance for 700c or 650B wheels as well.

What is the difference between E-gravel and hybrid E-bike?


Both the E-gravel bike and the hybrid Ebike were born out of a similar desire: to blend attributes from the two ends of the cycling spectrum, road and mountain, but with different end results in mind.

The Hybrid bike is a mix of a mountain bike and a road bike. It has straight handlebars and is often used to commute. While the gravel bike is more closer to a mountain bike. It doesn't have a straight handlebar. It's more expensive, and is designed for on-road and off-road riding coupled with comfort and stability.

E-gravel bike

hybrid E-bike

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