Model: FAT26-65S

Weight: 480±30g

Holes: 32H

Size: 26er

Model: FAT26-85S

Weight: 620±30g

Holes: 32H

Size: 26er

Model: FAT26-90C

Weight: 650±30g

Holes: 32H

Size: 26er

Model: FAT27.5-75S

Weight: 700±30g

Holes: 32H

Size: 27.5er


Both 26er and 27.5er fat bike carbon rims can be ordered from YISHUNBIKE carbon rims factory fast. All our fatbike rims are designed and produced with ISO standard, they are the best choice for heavy riders, Riders can easily ride in the snow and mud without feeling uncomfortable. The fatbike rims' bead wall thickness is 5-7mm, riders can keep shredding all year round.

Design and Technologies


1. Wider Tire Platform

    Mount tire easier

    Lightweight Design for light big ride


2. T800 Impact Resistant Constructure

    Incrsases the impact strength

    Distribute energy and shock evenly to the whole rim

    Protect the rim from impact



1. 45 Degree Angled Surface

     Keeping less mud & snow

     Lightweight Design for light big ride


2. Hybrid hook for a stable tire lock

    Easy Tire Mounting channel

    Tubeless Ready

When is fat-bikes off season


For many, fat-bikes are the ultimate bicycle. With the ability to tackle any trail, through any weather environment, riders can keep riding all year round, our fat-bike carbon rims can bring the legacy to your all-terrain ride and delivers performance in the snow, sand, and dirt. Lighten fat bike, and cover more trail than ever before with confidence and without limitation.


What benefit can be found on our fat bike carbon rims?


Taking our 65mm, 85mm, 90mm, and 75mm outer width fat bike carbon rims, all the benefits can be found: Strength, Lightweight, 4-season Trail rated durability and peace of mind. YISHUNBIKE does a tremendous amount of testing on fat bike rims, these rims are very popular among many bike shops and brands with good warranties and crash replacement programs. They are arguably the lightest and strongest fat bike rims on the market - designed for 24/7/365 use in grueling AM/Trail rated environments and under severe weather conditions below -30c. Using these carbon rims on full-suspension fat bikes with up to 150mm of travel is not a problem.


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