Model: HTG38C

Weight: 430±15g

Holes: 20H / 24H

Size: 700C

Model: HTG50C

Weight: 460±15g

Holes: 20H / 24H

Size: 700C

What is Rim Brake?

Rim Brake is a bicycle brake that uses calipers to squeeze the wheel rim to decelerate or stop the bicycle. The first bicycle brakes were developed in England around the 1870s and were based on designs for horse-drawn carriages. Most modern rim brakes are cantilever brakes, though more elaborate designs such as centerpulls and U-brakes remain popular in some niches.

Rim brakes are generally less costly than disc brakes, and are usually used on less expensive bicycles and on road bicycles. They have been rendered obsolete for mountain bikes by disc brakes, which offer improved performance in wet weather, increased pad life, and increased wheel durability.

A common type of caliper rim brake is the V-brake (also known as a direct-pull brake) which uses two long arms to pull the brake pads against the rim of the wheel. V-brakes have become standard equipment on most mid-range and higher mountain bikes as well as some road bikes, because they offer sufficient stopping power even under high load.

What we can offer?

Rim is one of the most important components of the road and mountain bike. The brake surface on the outer side of rim can be made by T6 heat treatment or electroplating or anodizing or painting according to your different needs. The inner side of rim is a profile-increasing design that can slow down the wind resistance. The U-shape and V-shape section can be supplied according to your requirements.


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