Model: RSD738DH

Weight: 530±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 27.5er

Model: RSD933XC

Weight: 365±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 29ER

Model: RSD938DH

Weight: 550±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 29er

Model: RSD938TR

Weight: 490±15g

Holes: 28H / 32H

Size: 29ER


RSD series carbon rims are designed for the heavy impact. The whole series includes xc, trail, all mountain, downhill and EBIKE mtb carbon rims.

Full Toray T700 carbon fiber engineered with the thicker resin gives stability and safety to wheels.

All rims have the amazing race performance, we have had customers presenting these rims under brand names in Olympic games and world cup races. One of customers won the first place at the latest world cup races. We have been making carbon rims, welcome to your inquiry about B2B business.




1. Increased Wall Thickness

    More material more spoke power


2. T700 Impact Resistant Constructure

    Incrsases the impact strength

    Distribute energy and shock evenly to the whole rim



Key Features


- Increase wall thickness for 120%+ spoke tension

- High life durability w/t max. 150kg rider weight

- High profile design for more aggressive riding torque

- Ease of tubeless inflation and best tire bead retention

- Ultra-smooth inner wall technology for better strength





We use a specially shaped bladder in molding the rims.

Comparing with traditional bladder,

it's designed in the correct size and shape to support the rim's inside correctly & smoothly.

The result is that we could see a very clean and smooth inner wall,

which means the carbon fabrics are stretched smoothly and optimized,

which ensures the best strength of the carbon fabrics.


What are the featured designs of RSD MTB carbon rims?


For MTB bicycle RSD series carbon rims, we use none folded layers of prepreg during curing, the smooth inner rim wall reduces potential quality issues. All RSD MTB carbon rims are with higher profiles for absorbing more impact and vibration. The wider design dramatically increases traction and reduces the rolling resistance. The optimized bead seat angle design makes the inflation for a tubeless tire become an easy cake, and it also prevents air from leaking in big turns. The optimized rim diameter helps an easy tire mount, it also prevents tire bumping from the hookless system.


Why do cyclists choose carbon rims over aluminium rims?


Carbon fiber is an exceptionally light, stiff, and strong material. A carbon fiber rim is often much lighter and stiffer than a comparable aluminum rim. This is one of the most popular options for choosing high-performance rims. Many competitive riders and racers choose carbon fiber rims because the super lightweight and extraordinary stiffness can improve the bike's acceleration. Bedsides, the carbon rims always stay in the shape without any dent after normal impacts.


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