We take full responsibility for any manufacturing defects or flaws of our products in material or workmanship.
However, the warranty does not cover the defects or damage caused by negligence, accidents, abusage, incorrect installation, modifications, normal wear and tear, improper assembly, maintenance, or any other fractious reasons.
They are not manufacturing defects.
Cosmetic issues such as decals are excluded from this warranty either.
This warranty does not apply to parts not manufactured by YISHUNBIKE (ex. hubs, spokes, nipples).
For an issue related to these parts, the manufacturer of those parts must be consulted.



For this premium warranty, the ex-work price would be an extra 20% higher. This policy mainly extends the warranty period to five years, and the obligation is still the same as our standard warranty policy.

That is, in case of a warranty claim, we would only be responsible to replace the goods, also the shipping costs from our factory to customers.

Some other costs, like importing fee, dis-assembly, re-assembly fee, freight to end consumers, are not included in this warranty.



There are always so many external risks waiting there for the riders to crash and damage the carbon products.
And we would be glad to encourage and back riders to ride hard during training and even harder during gracing.
So we work out this crash replacement policy.
With this policy, customers don’t have to buy a new wheelset or rim at full cost.
Instead, we would offer a20% discount basing on the original ordering price.
Freights and other local fees would be customers’ side.


For any warranty claim, please kindly follow the below process:

1. Clear pictures of the serial numbers of the products.

2. Clear pictures of the issue’s positions.

3. If necessary, please also take videos to illustrate.

4. A short description of the issues, and the process of how the issues happened.

5. Fill our claim form and send the form to our sales team members.

6. We collect the issued products back to us in China or Germany under our costs if necessary.

7. We work out a solution with customers together.