Product Geometry

OE Frame 03

Design Carbon Frames

Development & Design is very professional and complex. It transforms the ideas into realization. With 12 years of experience in bicycle fields, YISHUNBIKE R&D team has the great power to develop, design, and produce out high-quality carbon bike frames.

For racing bikes, the most important factors are aerodynamics, strength, stiffness, and light weight.

Aerodynamics is particularly crucial for racing bikes. It should be firstly considered from the tube designs of frame, fork, seatpost, and handlebar. After many trials and tests, drop shapes are believed to be the most aero tube shapes and are widely used in our carbon road frames currently.

Once proper tube shapes are determined, we then analyze stiffness and strength with targeted weight to optimum.

OE Frame 07

3D mandrel Technology

Pics 3-6:

Compare to old EPS technology, the use of 3D mandrel technology is the best solution to optimize the strength, stiffness, and light weight. The new 3D mandrel technology makes the inner wall of carbon frames more smoothly and evenly, in this way, it can reduce the wrinkled carbon layers , eliminate some weight, and improve the strength.

One-piece 3D mandrel molding and finished mtb carbon frames and carbon forks

Pics 7-10:

One-piece molding reduces the bonding processes of each part, significantly improves the stability, strength, and stiffness of the front and rear triangle, and makes the qualification rate reaches 95%. Currently, most of our frames are using One-piece 3D-mandrel molding technology.

OE Frame 10
OE Frame 14

2D & 3D Drawings

Pics 11-14:

After collecting all information needed for designing and developing, we will start to make 2D and 3D drawings.

To make it more visualized, 3D printing is a must!

This prototype can help to check all the assembling potential problems.

For a suspension fully mtb bike carbon frame, we need to make a simulation of the leverage ratio and analyze the reasonability of pivot and shock mount design. Check picture 15.

OE Frame 18

Mold designing & producing

Pics: 16-18

3D simulation on the computer and work out the most feasible tooling molds for production.

Sample producing

Pics: 19-21.

When the first size mold is finished, 4-8 sets of samples will be put into production.

Quality Testing under ISO4210

Pics: 21-22.

All sample frames must pass ISO4210 standard before bulk production or other sizes‘ molds producing. Even 1 sample failure is not acceptable to move forward. When the problems are completely solved, then formal production can be arranged.

OE Frame 20
OE Frame 23
OE Frame 28

Stiffness test

OE Frame 26

Strength test

OE Frame 33
OE Frame 37