Model: E561-SHIMANO

Weight: 2200g

Size: M

Full Carbon E-Hardtail Frame

– Mid Drive Shimano system EP801/EP800/DU-E8000

– Battery Shimano BT_E8036(630wh)

– Front Travel 100mm

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YISHUNBIKE E-hardtail mountain bike frame designed for Shimano EP800 motor and Shimano BT8036 Battery is best for beginner mountain bike riders. The motor only weighs 2.6Kg, so riders can accelerate the speed and increase the power with minimal pedalling weight.

What's the difference between a hardtail E mountain bike and an E full suspension bike?


1. A hardtail E mountain bike is primarily used on gravel tracks, forest paths, and easier trails or moderate downhills, while an E full suspension bike is mainly used in the mountains with large steps or rugged stony sections.

2. A hardtail E mountain bike is lighter than an E full suspension bike because its rear triangle is rigid.

3. A hardtail requires less maintenance than a full-susser because it doesn’t have an additional suspension system.

4. A hardtail mountain bike is cheaper than a full-suspension one, as it has less spring technology.

 Hardtail bike

Suspension bike

What is Shimano EP800 Drive Unit?


Shimano EP800 motor is an upgrade from the Shimano STEPS E8000 with more power and less weight. The EP8 has a whopping 85Nm of torque but only weighs 2.6Kg (300g less than the E8000), so riders get accelerated speed and increased power with minimal weight. The EP8 is designed to let you ride harder for longer — up hills, down canyons, or along your local bike trail. The EP8 also features a magnesium casing which reduces both motor width and volume by an estimated 10%. A few key upgrades in software functionality give the motor a more natural feel out on the trails.

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