Model: E569 SHIMANO M8000

Weight: 2200g

Size: M

700C Full Carbon Hardtail City Ebike

– Shimano Mid Drive System

– Max Tire 27.5*3.0” or 29*2.35”

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YISHUNBIKE E-city carbon frame is optimized at every single design detail to fit your everyday commute. Straight-back riding posture and Shimano engine and battery will make you feel relaxed and freedom at all times when touring around the city.

What is Shimano BT8036 Battery?


SHIMANO STEPS - Integrated Type Battery for Down Tube - 630 Wh

Designed specifically for SHIMANO's STEPS system, the high-performance BT-E8036 becomes Shimano’s largest integrated battery under frames' downtube with a range-expanding 630Wh capacity. Delivering a sleek design, the battery also charges quickly and retains its max capacity longer throughout its lifespan. It can realize 50% charge in 2.5 hours and full charge in 6 hours, and it can remain 60% capacity after 1000 charges.

How to prolong the battery life?


Firstly, Charge a New Electric Bike Battery for 12 Hours

Secondly, Charge Your Ebike Battery Regularly

Thirdly, Avoid Temperature Extremes

Fourthly, Don’t Overcharge an Electric Bike Battery

Lastly, Don’t Store an Empty Battery

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