Model: WSD730TR

Weight: 410±15g

Holes: 28H

Size: Trail

Model: WSD925XC

Weight: 340±15g

Holes: 28H

Size: XC

Model: WSD930TR

Weight: 420±15g

Holes: 28H

Size: Trail


The water drop design carbon rim is our new mtb bicycle rim in 2022. It is different with traditional mtb rim, their unique WATER DROP-shaped-reinforced nipple hole design can provide reinforcement for nipple holes and indicates the correct spoke lacing direction. We produce and test all mtb rims with ISO standard, you can go to the competition with our water drop design carbon rims safely.

Design and Technologies



LIGHT & STRONG CROSS COUNTRY Carbon Rims w/t Water Drop Design


WSD925XC rim weighs 340g. It is designed to be light and strong enough for heavy cross-country races.

The unique WATER DROP-shaped-reinforced nipple hole design is also a new idea. It not only provides reinforcement for nipple holes but also indicates the correct spoke lacing direction.

The NANO GRAPHENE technology and the impact-resistant hook design make the rim 20% stronger than the rims at the same weight.






Wider is better, especially for MTB wheels. Basing on this truth, we work out the optimized internal width of 30mm to mount 2.3-2.8" tires for the most popular all mountain and enduro bikes.

Thanks to the unique and strong structure designs and reinforced materials, the rim is only 490g (29" 480g for 27.5"), and the wheelset is still capable to handle loose rocks and entagled roots even on your hardest trails. 27.5 ER is recommended for gravel as well.





The modern and unique WATER DROP spoke holes not only make our wheels with individual cool appearance, but also improve spoke holes' tension resistant, rim won't break undering wheel-building, or re-truning. Water drop design also can reduce rim's weight comparing with carbon-reinforce-ring.

Why do we design water drop carbon Rims?



It is a dream for all riders to own an ultra-light and strong full carbon fiber bike. A good mountain carbon wheelset can help the rider perform well in the race. Usually, the manufacturers will design a special lay-up and change material to minimize the Mtb rim weight and enhance the strength of the wheelset. It can meet riders' light weight and high strength demands, but the spoke hole breakage problem will come together under the high spoke tension. To solve this problem, some riders will choose to use washers to reduce friction with the nipples and add rims strength, but this method is trouble and passive. So we break tradition to do something in a new, different, and unique way, we produce an offset Mtb bicycle carbon rims with the waterdrop design, this unique WATER DROP-shaped-reinforced nipple hole design does not only provide reinforcement for nipple holes but also indicates the correct spoke lacing direction too, it can provide better strength for cycling without any auxiliary tools.

Do customer need to pay customs taxes

when they order products from our German company?


YISHUNBIKE has been a pro carbon rims manufacturer in China since 2008 with 13 years of effort and innovation. Until now, YISHUNBIKE products have been well recognized by worldwide brands and many products have won the championships in professional races. To provide better service for EU customers, a branch company was established in Germany in 2018 too. Now there are many products available in our German warehouse, customers can order the products under EU tax laws and regulations. Our team handle the import tax and duties in advance without bringing additional work to customers.

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