Carbon Composite Technology


1. Patented 240 HTG Resin Formula


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DMA Test & Analysis
Glass Transition Temperature rating is 240.13 °C
The temperature reaches 270 °C resin started to be decomposed slightly

As High as 340 °C Heating Resistance
on lab breaking test
High Fatigue and Damage Tolerant
Excellent Dynamic and Static Properties

Application: Patented 240 HTG Carbon Rims

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2. Patented 255 TG Resin Formula

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DMA Test & Analysis

Glass Transition Temperature rating is 257.7 ºC


Extraordinary  High Heating Resistance
High  Rigidity in brakes
High Impacting Strength
High  Stability of the resin loss rate
Better handling of lamination

Application: Patented 255 TG Carbon Rims

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3. NANO GRAPHENE RESIN For Superlite Disc Brake

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Application: Patented NANO GRAPHENE Rims

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For carbon composite products, the normal epoxy resin system only supplies 5% strength contribution. The main function of resin is for molding and curing.
With Graphene nanomesh filling technology, the strength of the resin system could be raised by about 20%. That means to a carbon part with a certain weight, we can make it the same strength & less weight or the same weight & more strength.

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4.  DISC Brake Resin Formula

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DMA Test & Analysis

Glass Transition Temperature rating is 136.47 ºC




SK Standard Resin SKY K51
Wide processing range from 100°C to 160°C
Prepreg from hot melt process, providing least void composites
Easy-to-handle with desirable tack and resin strength
Wide Product Range according to Fiber and Resin Content
Long shelf life: more than 4 weeks at room temperature


Application:  Disc Brake Rims & Frames & Forks
& Handlebars

Our main application is disc brake carbon rims
ASD offset road disc brake rims

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RSD road disc brake rims
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5.  Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Testing Report

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