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YISHUNBIKE GmbH--- Becoming a global company


YISHUNBIKE GmbH is a service center with an office, showroom, and warehouse in Germany. 
We enable this international service center to deliver high-quality bike carbon rims, carbon wheels, carbon frames, and carbon components in an efficient and valuable way.
As a composite based manufacturer in China, we focus on OEM&ODM carbon bicycle parts. 
We have a full team including designers, product managers, engineers, and sales staff who can support a project from an idea to ready for manufacturing.

Wheel Assembly: 
Wheel assembly in Germany
Customized carbon rims, hubs and spokes according to brand’s deman        

Inventory Management: 
Just-in-time delivery for EU customers
2D&3D Drawings /3D Rapid Prototyping /Engineering&Sample & Mold
Manufacturing Cost& Quality Control/Brand Vision Design 
Customer service
Sourcing from China mainland &Taiwan with OE&OD Bike Manufacturers
International Shipping&Delivery
Import&Export Duty & Tax Consulting
Repairing & Maintenance


★ Just in time Delivery 
★ Saving Cost from Production to Sales
★ 2 Years of Quality Assurance
★ Easy Process on Tax & VAT 
★ Convenient After-sales Service
★ Trustable Business Cooperations
★ Efficient Communications by all ways


Mobile: 0049 - (0) 1633416199 

Tel: 0049 - (0) 2154 9508681
Email: [email protected]
Add: Linsellesstr. 127, 47877, Willich, bei Düsseldorf


Amtsgericht Krefeld

HRB Nr.: 16856   

USt-ID-Nr.: DE303739300

Steuernummer: 16/673/22335   
Geschäftsführer: Yanyu Qiu 



Xiamen YISHUN Carbon Composite Technology CO., LTD

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