Yishunbike, as a carbon components manufacturer, our first priority always is how to create values for customers, and what we can do to be valuable to the world.

Since the foundation day, the team keeps pursuing this priority. We found the secret is making yourself better, and always being loyal to the initial sincere and pure heartily pursuits.

The mortals never being perfect. The pursuit never ends.

So we are always on the road of evolution!



The evolving road is hard, but you need to enter the narrow gate although which is hard, not the wide one, although which is easy.

Over more than 15 years, we never stop the exploration. Always keep in mind that how to create values for customers and the world.

This is the key motivation behind all our hard evolving decisions.


To be one of the best carbon rim manufacturers

Until 2021, our rims manufacturing capacity is 10000pcs/month.
we never expect to be the biggest, but we must endeavor to be one of the best.
This means not only the full responsibilities to customers, but also to all our team members.
The key value of responsibilities is the reliability and versatility of the products for quality and delivery.

We not only provide a wide range of rim options for different applications, customized rim designs are also feasible with a MOQ of 500pc/model.


Various hub options to help customers efficiency

Customers could choose our hub solutions too.
We have a broad hub option, classic, straight pull, pawl system, start ratchet system.
Customized hub designs are also feasible.
We could manufacture according to customers’ own hub design, and other specific details demand with a MOQ of 1000 pairs/year.

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We have a close partnership with worldwide famous spoke manufacturers, like dtswiss, sapim, pillar, cnspoke etc.
We also keep stock for several classic models which are broadly used in the bicycle business, for example, cx-ray, race, pillar wing, aero494… etc.
What’s more, we are developing our own carbon spokes too, which would be only 2.5-3.0g/pc.
With carbon spokes, customers could have better stiffness and less weight compared to steel spokes.
This would be another strong value for customers.

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We set up a wheel-assembly line with a capacity of 2000 pairs/month.
After customers have worked out the wheelset specification, we could help with assembly too.
All wheels are precisely hand-built at high quality by experienced maters.
Both external nipple and internal nipple systems are available.
All the roundness and alignment are controlled within 0.3mm.
Each spoke tension is released at least three times to guarantee reliability after long ridings.

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To help customers as much as we could, our team also source out reliable wheel accessories.
This includes pre-installed tubeless tape, valves, and disc rotors as options.
Besides, customized wheel cartons for the wheelset package also available.
But with a MOQ of 2000 cartons/order.

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Framesets is another story

Now our frameset capacity is still quite small with only 500pcs/month, which is planed to expannd to 1500pcs until 2022.
the product line includes e-bikes, suspension bikes, BMX, road and gravel bikes, also kid bikes.
we provide both OEM & ODM services to customize your brands.

Components as our supplement service

Our component line mainly focuses on bars, forks, and seat posts.

Bike assembly to be continued

This concerns a lot much more work which is beyond our current abilities.
now we are only able to assemble some simple bikes.
so we would in some specific directions and applications.



Excluding the bicycle industry, our team also handled carbon materials for other industrial applications.
These applications include wheelchairs, drones.. etc.
If you have any interesting application ideas, our team would be happy to help.