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 14 Individual Tests of Quality Control

All the tests are 20% Stricter than ISO and EN Standards


● Test Condition: 150psi air pressure, test one time.
● Test Standard: Rims without acute noise, and parallelism ≤0.25mm with 150psi pressure.
● Test Result: Test according to the test condition, inflate to 150psi air pressure, parallelism ≤0.25mm.

Inflation test is very important for every rim brake clincher wheels, which usually apply a quite high tire pressure.

If the rim could pass this test, it means the rim's structurer is strong&reliable enough, and it will reduce the wheel failure risks greatly.  

every each ACE rim brake wheels have to pass this test.


● Test condition: Air pressure 120psi, load 100kgf, brake force 15kg, braking for 80S, release for 10S, speed keep in 12.5km/h. 
    Braking test 10 times as one cycles, running two cycles finish the test.Total braking time is 1600 seconds.
●  Test Standard: Rims are the same as original and deformation ≤0.3mm.
●  Test Result: After two cycles, rim without damage, and deformation ≤0.3mm

This is the most important test for rim brake wheels. By this test, you could know well how the wheel is heat-resistant.

In the testing, the braking temperature is as high as 375 degree!!!


● Test condition: Air pressure 120psi, load 100kgf , brake lever tforce 18kg, speed 25km/h, single cycle keep braking until stop, 
    test 25times.
●  Test Standard: Braking distance ≤12m.
●  Test Result: Test according to the test condition, average braking distance 10m.

This test is reflect how the brake track and brake pads perform together. For a good rim brake wheel, we not only demand it to be heat-resistant enough, 

also wish to have a good braking performace with less noise and shorter braking distance no matter in dry or wet conditions.


● Test Condition: Apply 300kgf, speed 10.00mm∕min, test one time.
●  Test Standard: Rims without any damage.
●  Test Result: Apply 305kgf, 310kgf, 300kgf, and 300kgf for four spoke holes without any damage. 

This test is to make sure the spoke hole is strong enough to build a stiff wheel with required spoke tension and no cracks in a fierce racing.


● Test condition: First cycle air pressure 110psi, load 80kgf, speed 40km/h, keep riding 200km. Second cycle air pressure 110psi, 
    load 80kgf, speed 65km/h, keep riding 200km
●  Test Standard: Rims or Nipples or Spokes without any damage.
●  Test Result: Test according to the test condition, rim and nipples and spokes without any damage.

This test has two important purposes, especially for hookless type rims. One is to make sure a certain high inflation will not burp out the tire. 

The other is to make sure the spoke hole drilling angle is correct, and no spoke or nipple cracks because of an incorrect angle.

IMPACT TEST - Strength Test

● Test condition: air pressure 28psi, special shaped steel anvil go to impact the wheel directly from a certain height. The impact   
    mass of the steel anvil weighs at 22.5kg. For XC rim, our required impact height is 400mm(energy 90 Joules) ; For Trail rim, our  
    required impact height is 450mm(energy around 100 Joules); For all mountain, enduro, our required impact height is 550mm
    (energy 1225 Joules).
●  Test Standard: Impact in valve hole, the opposition position of valve hole, and choose any spoke position. After all three impacts, 
     not any cracks in the rim.
●  Test Result: Test according to the test condition, rim  without any damage.

This test is mainly for MTB wheels to make sure the rim's impacting strength is qualified

It will required 3 times impact at different position from a required impacting height. 

Different wheels would have different impacting height requirements.

Horizontal Load Test - Stiffness Test
Static Strength/Lateral Load Test - Stiffness Test
Flatness & Roundness Inspecting 

●  Air leakage test

●  Appearance test

●  Dimension, flatness and roundness are insepected under 0.3mm tolerance

●  Random sampling Stiffness & Strength test 2% of production order

●  Wheel building Test

●  Real Riding Test 

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