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Rim brake carbon rim:

We have been proud of our road rims in terms of weight and aerodynamic design.

The new high technology heating resistant materials have been applied to rim brake carbon rims 255TG and HTG series. Both series are quality proven without overheating issue on brake surface. Less than 0.1% brake surface heating failure has continuously motivated us to study and use more high technology material for all our carbon rims. 255TG series with open resin system is superior in weight, cost and the fast performance. Patented HTG series with patented resin system is superior in the enduro long life racing.

Disc brake road rims

We have developed asymmetric ASD and symmetric RSD series with different height from 33 to 88mm. With our own special mid-hook and wider tire design, ASD tubeless rims under lower tire pressure are suitable for endurance and gravel terrains. While RSD series with clincher hook and symmetric design which give the fast aero performance for pro riders. Except these open molds, we have capacity and know-how to support OEM/ODM projects. Welcome to consult!

Road carbon wheels

We build road carbon bike wheels with DTSwiss hubs and Sapim Spokes both in Germany and China. Please email us to get more information.

Road Bike Frames

All the road carbon frames are designed, engineered and manufactured with the leading technologies in the bicycle industry. That allows us to keep the design, quality and performance of each frame is as good as the most popular frames in the world. All frames are under 2 years warranty, OEM/ODM frames are acceptable.

Xiamen YISHUN Carbon Composite Technology CO., LTD

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