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    Road CC Carbon Wheels
    Good quality Taiwan J-bend hubs and aero spokes. Basic level for everyday riding. Various rims profile 33/38/44/50/55/88mm tubular and HTG240 Clincher TLR. Road TLR carbon rims with patented HTG240 resin formula and special layup design, less than 0.5% braking failure; Easy tire mount and tubeless ready design Accept OEM customized wheels-built&log1
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    Road SLR Ceramic Carbon Bike Wheels Road wheels have three key features: lighter, stiffer, stronger. We always keep these in mind when we design our Road rims.  We are doing our best to make our rims lighter and stiffer, especially, stronger. Carbon wheels are expensive.  But no riders would like to hesitate their next jumps to value the rims strength and the expense in their mind. A1 Read More

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