The recommended tyre pressure for carbon wheels

20200312120955_75772 The recommended tyre pressure for carbon wheels YISHUNBIKE

20200312120955_75772 The recommended tyre pressure for carbon wheels YISHUNBIKE

Tyre pressure is related to the comfort and safety of your riding, so it’s important to choose the correct tyre pressure. In this article, we look at how to choose the best tyre pressure for your riding style and conditions.


The best tyre pressure for your bike depends on many factors: the kind of bike, the kind of tyres, rider weight, road conditions and weather conditions.

Most Carbonal road bicycle carbon wheels (clincher rim – inner width 18mm, outer width 25mm; tubular rim – 25mm width) fit ≥ 25c tyres.


Suggested tyre pressure:

Kind of bike Kind of tyre Rider weight Front wheel Rear wheel Adjust for weight
Road bike Inner tube tyre (25C) ≤70Kg 90psi / 6.2bar 93psi / 6.4bar Add 2psi for every 5Kg over 70Kg
Subtract 2psi for every 5Kg under 70Kg
Tubeless tyre (25C) 80psi / 5.5bar 83psi / 5.7bar
Mountain bike Inner tube tyre ≤70Kg 36psi / 2.5bar 38psi / 2.6bar Add 1psi for every 5Kg over 70Kg
Tubeless tyre 26psi/ 1.8bar 28psi / 1.9bar
Cyclocross/Gravel bike Inner tube tyre (35C) ≤70Kg 48psi / 3.3bar 50psi / 3.5bar Add 1psi for every 5Kg over 70Kg
Tubeless tyre (35C) 36psi / 2.5bar 38psi / 2.6bar

Schwalbe’s recommended tyre pressure:

Rider weight
Tyre width 60kg / 132lb 85kg / 187lb 110kg / 242lb
23C 100psi / 7.0bar 115psi / 8.0bar 130psi / 9.0bar
25C 87psi / 6.0bar 100psi / 7.0bar 115psi / 8.0bar
28C 80psi / 5.5bar 94psi / 6.5bar 108psi / 7.5bar
32C 65psi / 4.5bar 80psi / 5.5bar 94psi / 6.5bar
37C 50psi / 4.0bar 72psi / 5.0bar 87psi / 6.0bar

Set the correct tyre presure in your bike tyres is crucial, then you can achieve the best grip level and rolling resistance level.

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