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Professional Carbon Wheelsets Manufacturer

With a China-based factory covering 10,00+ Sqms, Yishunbike supplies clients with cost-effective carbon wheelsets that meet international standards.

  • Anti Dumping Duty Exemption
  • 3000 Sets per month

Yishunbike offers reliable integrated solution of carbon wheelsets for carbon bike.

Explore Your Tailor-Made Solution

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current bike or build a new one, choosing the right hubset is essential.

Customizing your rims is a great way to make your bike stand out from the crowd, and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Choosing the right spokes and nipples for your bike is essential for ensuring its performance and longevity.

With Yishunbike’s You Design The Final Look, you can create the perfect bike for your needs.


It’s Easy Even from Scratch


Choose A Hubset

When selecting your hubset, it is important to consider several factors in order to make the right choice. These factors include rear wheel hubs, front wheel hubs, axle size compatibility, disc brake compatibility, spoke hole patterns and flange diameter. Each of these elements are necessary for a successful and safe ride.

Rear wheel hubs will determine the speed of your bike and should be chosen based on the type of terrain you plan on riding. Front wheel hubs are important for steering control and should be chosen with an eye towards strength and durability. Axle size compatibility is also a key factor when selecting your hubset as it will ensure that the wheels fit properly on the frame. Additionally, disc brake compatibility should be taken into account if you plan on using disc brakes instead of rim brakes. Spoke hole patterns and flange diameter are also important considerations when choosing your hubset as they will affect how evenly tensioned your spokes are when building up your wheelset.

hubs-1-1 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets

hubs-2-1 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets

hubs-4-1 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets

hubs-3-1 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets


What is a Bike Freehub and How Does It Affect Your Ride?

When you’re out on the trail, your bike’s freehub plays a critical role in how you ride. A bike freehub is a component of the bicycle hub that allows the rider to coast without pedaling. It also helps to keep your drivetrain running smoothly and efficiently, which can make a huge difference in your ride quality.

Bicycle-Micro-Spline-Freehub-MTB-Road-Bike-Hubs-Converters-End-Cap-Adapter-11-12-Speed-MS-1 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets

Bicycle-Micro-Spline-Freehub-MTB-Road-Bike-Hubs-Converters-End-Cap-Adapter-11-12-Speed-MS Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets

Bicycle-Micro-Spline-Freehub-MTB-Road-Bike-Hubs-Converters-End-Cap-Adapter-11-12-Speed-MS-3 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets


A Comparison of the Most Commonly Used Bike Brakes – Rim vs Disc

Choosing the right type of bike brake is essential for riding safety. There are three main types of bike brakes available – rim brakes, disc brakes and drum brakes. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to understand the differences between them before making a decision.

Rim brakes are the most common type of bike brake and provide reliable braking power in dry conditions. Disc brakes offer superior performance in wet weather conditions due to their improved heat dissipation capabilities.

brake-2 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets

brake-1 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets

Can’t Wait to Get Your Tailor-Made Solution?

Find the perfect product for your vision.

One-stop procurement helps your bike business.

Benefits of Carbon Rims

Specializing in Carbon Rims

Yishunbike factory offers a wide range of tubular, clincher and hookless rims. All of these rims are designed to be tubeless compatible, which means that they can be used with tubeless tires for added convenience. With these rims, you can enjoy the benefits of a lighter weight and improved aerodynamics.

Design Your Carbon Rims>>

1 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets


Exclusive Bespoke Solutions

Yishunbike offers a wide range of rims for different types of bikes, catering to the needs of all kinds of cyclists. Whether you are looking for road rims, mountain bike rims, gravel rims, e-bike rims or fat bike rims, Yishunbike factory has you covered.

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Let Yishunbike’s expertise and experience propel your brand to greater heights.

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Considerate Services

Popular Spoke Brands

Looking for the best spoke brands for your bike? Look no further than our selection of popular spoke brands such as Sapim, DT Swiss, and Pillar. In addition to this, we have developed our own carbon fibre spokes.

We offer unparalleled services allow you to customize your bike to fit your needs and preferences.  to make your purchasing experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

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bike-spoke Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets

Nipples-1 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets

Complete Satisfaction

Beautiful Nipples. Seamless Integration.

Our selection of bike nipples is sure to meet all your needs, whether you’re a professional cyclist or an avid weekend warrior. With our wide selection of brands, you can rest assured that the quality of the product will be top-notch and provide you with reliable performance on any terrain.

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More than a

Customize Your  Rims Finish

Our specialized design customization takes your requests into account by adding various finish, such as UD, 3K, 12K, 3K_TWILL, 18K, 4K, 1K, UD_1K, UD_3K, UD_BASALT, 3K_BASALT, 3K_TWILL_BAS.

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2 Design Your Carbon Wheelsets YISHUNBIKE Carbon Wheelsets

Designing and Developing.

Choose Patterns for Your Rims.

With an average of 10 years of experience designing amazing logos if rims, our designers are the best people to provide support in the industry.

They provide creative insight into your budding ideas while being more than capable of developing new and fresh ideas for your target market.

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Manufacturer of Carbon Wheelsets

Are you looking for a reliable carbon wheelsets manufacturer to support your business with high-quality products at better price?

Yishunbike is a China based factory equipped with stablecarbon wheelsets production capacity to ensure a constant supply through the globe. Moreover, our solid team is able to design and customize any rims as you want.

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