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Design in Germany
Home Design in Germany


YISHUNBIKE GmbH--- Becoming a global company


YISHUNBIKE GmbH is a service center with the office, show room and warehouse. We enable this international service center to deliver high quality  bike carbon rims, carbon wheels, carbon frames and carbon components in an efficient way.

As a composite based manufacturer in China, we focus on OEM&ODM carbon bicycle parts. 
We have a full team including designers, product managers, engineers, and sales staff who can support a project from an idea to ready for manufacturing. Together with YISHUNBIKE China company, our main services in Germany are including:

Wheel Assembly: 
Wheel assembly in Germany
Customized carbon rims, hubs and spokes according to brand’s deman        

Inventory Management: 
Just-in-time delivery for EU customers
2D&3D Drawings /3D Rapid Prototyping /Engineering&Sample & Mold
Manufacturing Cost& Quality Control/Brand Vision Design 
Customer service
Sourcing from China mainland &Taiwan with OE&OD Bike Manufacturers
International Shipping&Delivery
Import&Export Duty & Tax Consulting
Repairing & Maintenance


★ Just in time Delivery 
★ Saving Cost from Production to Sales
★ 2 Years of Quality Assurance
★ Easy Process on Tax & VAT 
★ Convenient After-sales Service
★ Trustable Business Cooperations
★ Efficient Communications by all ways


Mobile: 0049 - (0) 1633416199 

Tel: 0049 - (0) 2154 9508681
Email: [email protected]
Add: Linsellesstr. 127, 47877, Willich, bei Düsseldorf


Amtsgericht Krefeld

HRB Nr.: 16856   

USt-ID-Nr.: DE303739300

Steuernummer: 16/673/22335   
Geschäftsführer: Yanyu Qiu 



Xiamen YISHUN Carbon Composite Technology CO., LTD

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