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Xiamen Yishun Carbon Composite Tech. Co. Ltd.,

Yishunbike is a team with a full passion to pursue beauty and also the power of carbon fiber. This passion keeps evolving us since founded in 2008.
Over 10 years of hard working, we focus our passion on carbon rims&wheels. We are ambitious to produce high-end rims&wheels for worldwide companies by different advantages of technologies.

- 255TG rim brake carbon technology
- Asymmetric and Aero Dynamics disc brake Superlite Technology
- Super lightweight & Super strength Graphene Technology
- T700 60% & T800 40% Superlite Carbon Technology 

- R&D Team with 5 engineers of lay-ups and designs

- 40+ well-trained workers and technicians

- 2000SQM facilities of workshops and testing labs

- 2500PCS/month capacity

- Cooperative relationships with world leading suppliers for raw material and new technologies

 together w/t our investor's facilities, we have:

- R&D Team with 20+ engineers of lay-ups and designs

- 200+ well-trained workers and technicians

- 6000SQM facilities of workshops and testing labs

- 7000PCS/month capacity

- Smart Supply chain management 

Life is good by bike.
Although the work is hard, we believe in carbon and we believe in the bicycle.
We enjoy what we do, wishing more and more worldwide people will be involved in bicycles for a green earth.


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